The Role of Attire in Courtroom Etiquette

Court Attire

Adopting appropriate courtroom attire is essential, as it displays respect for the courts and the legal system. When it comes to what you may see in terms of courtroom dress in Toronto, it really can depend on the jurisdiction and the level of court. However, there are always etiquette rules, and anyone who presents themselves in court will be required to dress appropriately.

For lawyers, barristers, and judges, there may be times that they are required to wear formal robes, gowns, collars, or wigs, depending on the setting. In other cases, the full formal dress will not be used, and the proper legal attire for women and men would be a traditional business suit.

Why Does Courtroom Attire Matter?

While it may not always be fair, your appearance is a significant factor in people developing their first impression of you. Not only is this important for lawyers representing their clients, but it’s also critical for anyone who will be appearing in court for a legal matter.

Legal attire for women and men practicing law is traditionally modest and neutral. Lawyers want to appear credible and professional, and having the right legal attire can start things off on the right foot. Clients will also feel more self-assured and confident when they see that their legal counsel dresses appropriately for court.

When it comes to court attire for women and men who appear in court as a defendant or a witness, some consider it a science. Appearance can sway a judge or a jury one way or the other. Offensive attire, non-traditional hairstyles, wrinkled or messy clothes, facial jewelry, and tattoos are just some of the things that can bring about negative results in court.

It’s best to remember, whether you’re a lawyer or a witness, to always dress in a way that recognizes the importance, the prestige, and the tradition of courts of law.

What Proper Legal Attire Looks Like

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