Attending A Court Hearing? Know What Proper Legal Attire Looks Like

If you’ve never attended a court hearing before, you may be wondering what legal attire looks like and what you can expect to see once inside a Toronto court room. Every person attending a court hearing should take their type of dress seriously. For example, you may see barristers dressed in lawyer robes as well as judges clothed in formal judicial robes.

Legal Robing Companies

For members of the public, especially those that are a part of the court hearing, it is also important for you to dress appropriately. While there may not be an exact dress code listed, people appearing in court should avoid wearing shorts, flip flops, ripped jeans or hats.

Lawyer Robes, Shirts And Tabs And Other Legal Attire

While it can differ by country, legal attire in Canada can include a requirement to wear robes, shirts and tabs, as well as proper pants or a skirt. Once someone has officially received their call to the bar, it’s considered a rite of passage to get properly fitted for their court attire.

In order to be well prepared for a court hearing experience, below you will find more information on what type of dress you may see, depending on the level of court you’ll be in.

  • Robes – Made of quality wool, these long black legal robes are worn by lawyers in court.
  • Shirts and tabs – Underneath their lawyer robes, barristers wear white shirts with a tab collar that hangs down in front.
  • Skirts and pants –While these may appear like typical dress pants or skirts, you’ll note that those required for court include a stripe which is an essential part of the legal dress in Canada.

As mentioned, the process of being fitted for lawyer robes and other court attire is an important element of every new lawyer’s journey once they receive the call to the bar. Not only do they need to have all the necessary pieces, including backup options, it’s also important that everything fits well so that they appear professional and feel confident.

Where To Find Legal Attire In Toronto?

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