How To Choose Perfect Judge Robes

Today, every federal and provincial judge in the country wears a very similar, simple black robe. While these basic judge robes may seem unappealing to some, there is a lot of symbolism represented in this tradition. In fact, this standard court attire for judges demonstrates to everyone that judges are engaged and committed to upholding the rule of law.

However, even though they may not be able to stray too far when it comes to designing their judge robes, many judges still want their court attire to adhere to a certain quality standard and look professional. When it comes to choosing the perfect judge robes, there most definitely are some preferences and customization options that can define the finished look.

Creating Court Attire For Judges

In the United States, judges choose robes more liberally, and may choose whichever material they please to make their court attire more functional. Legal robes in Canada continue to be all black robes and are paired with a special stiff, white collar known as Geneva bands. Higher level judges wear robes with coloured trim or sashes that indicate what kind of court they preside over.

  • Green for justices of the peace.
  • Scarlet for provincial court judges.
  • Burgundy for justices of the Ontario Superior Court and Court of Appeal.
  • Golden-sashed for Federal Court justice
  • Purple-sashed for a Tax Court judge.
  • A fur-lined, red-robed sash for justice of the Supreme Court of Canada.

Since legal robes in Canada are still standard black, judges may feel they don’t have many options, but in actual fact, they do. In order to design the right custom judge robes that suits your individual comfort, it’s important to do the following:

  • Source your robes from an experienced establishment that can create made to measure garments. Your robes should be an ideal fit, so that your robe will never feel uncomfortable.
  • Choose to have your garments made with individually cut pieces and handcrafted quality, resulting in a custom fit.
  • Customize your linings and the material used (polyester, wool or a blend) to make your robes based on what will be most comfortable for you. The highest quality material should be chosen so that your robes look professional and are designed to last.

Custom Court Attire By Harcourts

Your comfort is of the highest importance. That’s why when you order your custom judge robes and court attire from Harcourts, you can feel confident knowing that we’ll only ever use expert tailoring and the highest quality material available to deliver what you need. Contact us to receive a quote and to learn more about ordering custom-made judge robes.