Creating handcrafted, custom tailored robes and regalia since 1842.

Meet our team

Company History

Mr. George Harcourt founded our company in Toronto in 1842. Harcourts is the oldest robemaker in North America, and we have a reputation for the highest quality workmanship and tailoring, which we have maintained for over 175 years. To this day, our garments are individually tailored and sewn by skilled craftspeople in the heart of Toronto. The Harcourt family operated the business as a family concern until 1965, and we continue to be family-owned today. We strive to uphold the wonderful legacy created by the Harcourt family of providing outstanding service in Canada and all over the world.

In the course of our history, we have prepared garments for nearly every member of the Royal family, as well as the political, academic, and religious leadership in Canada and the United States. Today, we continue to provide high-quality, distinctive attire to institutional leaders of universities and colleges in Canada and North America. Our legal and academic regalia, as well as clerical vestments and choir robes, are all proudly Made in Canada.

Harcourts appreciates the loyalty that its employees and customers have shown to the company. Our customers understand that we provide personalised service in a professional manner, and in many cases they are familiar with our craftspeople. Producing virtually all our products in a facility adjacent to our showroom in downtown Toronto allows us to closely monitor and ensure high quality as well as timely delivery.

Over the years, Harcourts has been the primary supplier of court attire to legal professionals throughout Canada. We continue to maintain that position with our network of dealers across the country. We supply judicial and barrister attire to Canadian Federal, Provincial and Territorial governments, as well as to Caribbean courts and other courts and lawyers in the British Commonwealth.

Harcourts' robes, whether academic, clerical, or legal, are the highest quality available. We use fabrics that have been time-tested and, in some cases, are made exclusively for us. Our workmanship combines the best of traditional methods and modern technology, with garments being individually cut to ensure a proper, custom fit. Skilled craftspeople play a large role in the production of all our garments. We use both machine and hand stitching, to produce a strong, long-lasting garment with fine detail. Your academic, legal, or clerical attire will incorporate the fullness of our experience and the elegance of traditional styling.

Individual attention and the highest quality materials characterize Harcourts’ excellence.