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Bachelors Robe

After years of dedication and studying, your graduation day celebrates your academic accomplishments and the commencement of your professional life. Wearing a convocation robe on your graduation day is part of a centuries-old tradition that characterizes scholars and academics.

Academic gowns gained popularity in 12th century Europe, when students wore long, heavy robes to warm themselves while walking through the drafty halls of their universities. Soon, these long, hooded robes became the official dress of academics, and students started to wear square caps to symbolize their education and intellect.

Today, there are three levels of academic regalia: Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. Students traditionally wear the garment that marks their level of academic achievement during their convocation procession. The robe’s colours are designed to reflect the university’s colours and type of degree.

Harcourts proudly upholds our tradition of creating exceptional, custom tailored robes.

Masters Robe

Harcourts was established in Toronto in 1842, and we are proudly the oldest manufacturer of academic robes in North America. For nearly two centuries, we’ve upheld the tradition of superior craftsmanship and custom tailored academic robes to provide a perfect fit. Our designers and tailors continue to individually cut, sew, and tailor our garments in our downtown Toronto workshop.

Harcourts has been a leading supplier of academic robes for nearly two centuries. You can find our academic robes worn by graduates at universities across Canada. Our skilled craftspeople will customize your robe to match your academic institution and degree, and provide tailoring to ensure that you look your best on your convocation day.

Harcourts provides graduates with beautiful, superior quality robes.

Phd Robe
  • Our robes are created from individually cut pieces and handcrafted for a custom fit.
  • We exclusively produce our robes from traditional and superior quality materials.
  • We hand shirr our gowns to ensure they maintain their traditional fullness and elegance.
  • Our robes blend modern and traditional workmanship to provide graduates with high quality, perfectly tailored garments.

Harcourts will custom tailor your academic robes to ensure you receive the best fit.

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