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  • 1. Do you make and sell attire for barristers and judges?

    Yes, we manufacture legal attire in our factory located in downtown Toronto. The attire is appropriate for courtrooms in any province in Canada.

  • 2. Is it possible to pick up court attire the same day?

    No, all of our gowns and waistcoats are made to measure. Generally, our delivery time is four weeks, but we try to shorten this timeline whenever possible. We do have standard size court shirts and tabs in stock, so those can be picked up or shipped within a day or two.

  • 3. What fabric choices are there?

    We manufacture gowns and waistcoats in either 100% tropical wool or polyester/wool blend. You are able to see the fabric options when you come in to be measured.

  • 4. What about court shirts?

    Shirts come in either 100% cotton or poly/cotton blend. Men’s shirts are French cuff; women’s are convertible cuff so you can button them or use cufflinks.

  • 5. How long does measuring take? Do I need an appointment?

    Usually, the entire process takes 15 – 20 minutes. We ask you to fill out our order form with basic contact information. Then the tailor or one of his assistants takes and records your measurements. We complete your order, take your payment, and you are on your way.

    Most of the time, no appointment is necessary. You can come at any time from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. to be measured, including lunchtimes. If you would rather schedule an appointment, we are happy to do so. You can book by phone at 416-977-4408 (press 1), or request an appointment by email at info@harcourts.com. PLEASE NOTE: from mid-April until mid-June each year, we request that you contact us to book an appointment since we are working with new calls to the Ontario bar as well as our day-to-day customers.

  • 6. When can I come back to pick up the court attire?

    Usually everything is ready in four to five weeks. We always contact you (by phone or email) to notify you that your items are ready. We recommend coming in again to try the attire on, to ensure it fits well. You also have the option of paying to have the attire shipped to you rather than returning to the showroom.

  • 7. I have seen striped trousers, blue bags with initials, and other items that lawyers have. What other products do you offer?

    The basic court ensemble consists of black gown and waistcoat, white shirt with wing collar, white tabs, black trousers or skirt, black socks/nude or black hose, and black shoes. We don’t sell socks, hose or shoes! However, you can order trousers and skirts, which are available in traditional court stripe or dark charcoal grey, blue robe bag (with or without your initials), a case to hold your tabs and keep them flat, cufflinks, legal briefcases, and a deluxe leather garment bag.

  • 8. I'm hard to fit. Will this be a problem?

    No! Since all of our court attire is made to measure, your items will be tailored to your specific measurements. If you require a custom sized shirt, there is an additional charge and production takes about four weeks.

  • 9. What about alterations?

    If, when you try on your court attire, we see that some alterations are necessary, we will do them at no charge to you. Often alterations can be done in 20-30 minutes, while you wait. Once you have worn your court attire for a few months, and you feel some adjustment to it is necessary, you may bring it back for us to take a look. There may be a charge for alterations at that point.

  • 10. If I can't get to your showroom during your open hours, what are my options?

    If you are in the GTA and find it impossible to see us, please email info@harcourts.com and we will do our best to find a mutually convenient time to measure you. In addition, we have dealers in Ottawa, London, Hamilton, and Burlington. These shops are very familiar with our legal attire and will gladly measure you and place your order with us. Rest assured that everything is still made in our factory. The court attire will be delivered to the dealer’s location, where you can try it on.

  • 11. Neither your location nor your dealers' stores are convenient for me. Now what?

    You can download a measurement form from our website (www.harcourts.com), along with instructions "How to take Measurements." Take these two forms to a reputable local tailor, who should be able to provide the necessary information. Pay particular attention to the waistcoat measurements, including front length, back length, and back width. Be sure to include your height and weight. Please fill out the top of the form completely with your contact information, including a phone number, and return the form to us at info@harcourts.com. We will review the information, and contact you for payment details, as well as request more information if any of the measurements require clarification.

  • 12. I am not in Ontario - do you have other locations?

    We have an office in Montreal, which you can contact at 514-866-1842 or service@harcourts.com. In addition, we have dealers across Canada who sell our court attire. A complete list is on our website.

  • 13. I will be called to the Ontario bar soon. Do you offer any discounts for new lawyers?

    Yes! We recognize that you are just starting your career and court attire is a big investment. We put together a "package" that includes gown, waistcoat, court shirt, tabs, and a vinyl storage bag. These packages are available in either 100% tropical wool or poly/wool blend. In addition, you can purchase additional court shirts, tabs, tab case, robe bag, trousers, skirts, and cufflinks at a discount off our regular prices, if these items are included as part of your package purchase. Please be aware that call packages are ONLY available to NEW CALLS to the ONTARIO bar and the order must be placed prior to your call date. We do not offer the discounted pricing once you have been admitted to the bar.

  • 14. How can I arrange to purchase the appropriate court attire?

    If you are being called in June, please contact us to make an appointment to be measured: info@harcourts.com or call 416-977-4408 (press 1). We recommend you come in at least six weeks before your call date. You will need to show us the letter from the Law Society of Ontario confirming the date and place of your call, in order to qualify for package pricing. We will contact you when it is ready to be picked up.

    For September or January calls, you can come in without an appointment. If you prefer to schedule one, contact us as indicated above. We recommend that you visit our showroom to be measured at least six weeks prior to your call date. Please don’t forget the letter from LSO.

  • 15. I don't plan to be in court very often, if at all. Do you rent court attire?

    Yes. Our rental attire is a combination gown/waistcoat, and a shirt front with wing collar and tabs attached. It is suitable for the call to the bar ceremony. We don’t always have every size available, especially for the June call ceremonies.

    NOTE: we do not rent court attire except for call ceremonies in Ontario.

  • 16. I’m a new call to the bar in another Province. Is there a special price for me?

    No, we do not offer packages or special pricing for new calls to the bar except to those being called to the Ontario bar.