Lawyer Robes That Complement Court Appearance

Courtroom Attire

As soon as you decide to enter into the legal profession, it becomes quickly evident that a career in law will be filled with plenty of history, tradition, and etiquette. You need a lawyer robe for your Call to the Bar in Toronto, and from then on, you’re required to uphold the professionalism and decorum expected from lawyers and barristers.

Barrister robes and proper legal attire can vary based on your geographic location and court level that you appear in. However, even a standard business suit is expected to be well-tailored and in good condition as a sign of respect to the law and to presiding judges.

Finding Lawyer Robes and Barrister Jackets That Properly Support Your Work

When lawyers appear in court before a judge, in most cases, they must wear proper court attire, which consists of black or grey court striped pants or a skirt, a white wingtip collared shirt, waistcoat, a lawyer robe, and tabs.

While some may not like wearing barrister jackets or robes, many prefer the fact that all lawyers are required to wear the same traditional uniform. It can help level the playing field, and in fact, robes function as a great equalizer. That being said, not all robes are created in the same way, and it’s crucial to ensure you have a lawyer robe that supports your essential work and helps you feel your best.

For those wanting superior robes that look professional and that are durable, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Search for garments that are made from individually cut pieces. The end result will showcase a handcrafted quality and a much better fit.
  • Ask about the materials used to make the barrister robes. You want time-tested and superior quality materials so that your robe will look good for a long time.
  • When you invest in custom robes that are hand shirred, you’ll get the traditional fullness and elegance that supports a professional appearance.
  • The best fabric options are either 100% tropical wool or a polyester/wool blend. Ask to see fabric options when you go to your measurement appointment.
  • Robe makers that use a blend of modern and traditional workmanship will give you the beautiful garments you’re looking for.

Harcourts: Your Source For High-Quality Legal Attire in Toronto

In order to ensure your courtroom appearance is always as it should be, invest in custom legal attire from Harcourts. We offer custom-fitted, quality robes that help you maintain a professional and dignified appearance. Since 1842, Harcourts has been creating handcrafted, custom-tailored robes with unparalleled quality and durability. We’d be happy to work with you and make the robes you need for your court appearances. Contact us to find out more about ordering custom robes.