Our clergy and choir apparel are created by the finest craftspeople to ensure that they’re long-lasting, elegant, and of superior quality.

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Searching for high quality, custom clergy and choir robes for your congregation?

Clerical Robe

Clergy vestments are highly personal items, as they simultaneously reflect the tradition of your faith and symbolize your commitment to serving your congregation. Harcourts gladly customizes our vestments to meet your requirements. We offer a variety of design and colour options, and our stoles and scarves can be embroidered with one of out patterns or a custom pattern. Our vestments are created by the finest craftspeople to ensure that they’re long-lasting, elegant, and of superior quality.

Harcourts choir gowns are reputed throughout Canada for their beautiful appearance and quality craftsmanship. Our choir gowns come in a variety of styles, colours, and materials, and can be customized to suit your choir’s needs and style. We also offer the addition of custom features, such as contrasting yokes, embroidered symbols, and bell sleeves. Harcourts choir gowns can be ordered in generic sizes or custom tailored.

Harcourts is proud to maintain our long-held reputation of creating beautiful and perfectly tailored robes.

Clerical Robe

Harcourts’s tradition of superior craftsmanship began in 1842 in Toronto, Canada. Today, we are the oldest manufacturer of clergy vestments and choir robes in North America. We’ve maintained our reputation for excellent workmanship and tailoring, and our design team continues to individually cut, sew, and tailor our vestments and robs in our Toronto workshop. Harcourts is dedicated to creating garments that are made from the highest quality materials and provide a perfect fit.

For nearly two centuries, Harcourts has proudly been Canada’s primary supplier of quality clergy vestments and choir robes. Our highly skilled and trained craftspeople will customize and tailor your vestment or robe to ensure your garment meet your needs and matches your congregation’s style.

Harcourts provides clergy and choir members with custom designed, high quality robes.

Clerical Robe
  • Our vestments and robes are handcrafted and created from individually cut pieces to provide a custom fit.
  • Our robes are only made from superior quality (and sometimes excusive) materials.
  • Harcourts gowns are hand shirred to maintain their traditional fullness and elegance.
  • We combine the best modern and traditional craftsmanship to produce high quality, long lasting, and tailored garments.

Harcourts will custom design and tailor your clergy vestments and choir robes to ensure you receive the perfect fit.

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