Harcourts has been a part of graduation and first communion ceremonies for generations. We offer the highest quality rental robes and accessories for your first communion and graduation ceremonies. With unmatched customer service and attentiveness, let us do the work for you and get your robes ready for your special day.

Harcourts Academic Rentals

Bachelors RobeHarcourts rents bachelor style gowns for high school, college and university convocations across Canada. Gowns are available in black, royal blue, green, red and white. We strongly suggest you contact us early to reserve gowns for your ceremony, as the May-June convocation season is quite busy. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

We also rent academic hoods, mortarboards and collars for faculty members and graduates. We have a large selection of academic hoods from virtually all North American universities as well as some European institutions. These hoods are also available to purchase. If you would like to order an academic hood from an institution we do not have in stock, please allow four weeks for delivery. Souvenir mortarboards are available with or without commemorative year charms.

Harcourts First Communion and Confirmation Rentals

We are one of the few companies that continue to offer First Communion and Confirmation gowns for rent. We have a selection of red and white gowns available (first come first served—be sure to reserve your gowns early).

Confirmation and Communion Rental Price List

Our First Communion and Confirmation rental form is now available for download. Your order can be placed by fax or e-mail.

First Communion and Confirmation Accessories

Our gowns for confirmation and communion are designed to add the proper symbolism to these very special celebrations. Our robes and stoles allow the parents, sponsors, friends and the congregation to recognize the reverence of the service, while providing both quality and consistency to your attire.

We have an assortment of styles and fabrics for both gowns and stoles. Contact us for more information.

Exclusive to Harcourts, we offer first communion and confirmation accessories for children to commemorate and remember this important day in their life. Felt stole kits give children the opportunity to creatively design their own stole to be worn during their Confirmation. We also sell boxed wooden crosses for First Communion.

Harcourts also offers First Communion and Confirmation gowns for rent. We have a selection of red and white gowns available. The order form for First Communion and Confirmation rentals can be downloaded. Your order can be placed by fax or e-mail.

Confirmation and Communion Rental Price List