What You Should Be Wearing in A Call to The Bar Ceremony

Congratulations on being called to the bar! After many years of hard work and dedication, it’s time to attend the ceremony that will officially begin your career in law. The call to the bar ceremony is a formal event that follows a distinct format, and as such, candidates are required to wear specific court apparel to mark the occasion.

In order to be sure you are well prepared for the event, it’s recommended that you make arrangements in Toronto to rent or purchase the required lawyer robe and accessories at least six to eight weeks in advance. Though we currently highly recommend purchasing to eliminate any risk of transmitting COVID-19 through a rental garment.

call to the bar ceremony

Be Prepared for Your Call to The Bar with The Right Courtroom Attire

If you aren’t sure whether to rent or purchase the needed apparel for your call to the bar ceremony, reach out to Harcourts. We’ve been providing hand crafted, high quality robes since 1842 and can ensure you get everything you need to be prepared for this important occasion.

Specifically, every candidate who has been called to the bar must appear in full court apparel, which consists of:

  • black shoes
  • black or dark grey socks
  • black, dark grey or dark grey striped trousers or skirt
  • black gown vest
  • black gown
  • white shirt with stiff wing collar and white tabs

The required clothing worn for the call to the bar in Ontario is the same courtroom attire that you’ll need to wear for a court appearances. Legal dress is a symbol of your professional identity as a lawyer and expresses the dignity of the court, so it’s important to get it right.

Because most people who are called to the bar will require proper legal attire as they move forward in their career, it is recommended that you purchase the needed items. Not only will you need to wear them when you begin to appear in court, but also when you invest in custom shirts, tabs and a lawyer robe you’ll get a much better fit.

Harcourts Has Everything You Need for Your Call to The Bar Ceremony

Once you get the call, it’s time to contact Harcourts. We can help you prepare for this important ceremony, one that serves to mark the beginning of your legal career. We’ll take your measurements to ensure a perfect fit—though during quarantine our process has changed for your safety—and help you select the right fabric and other details to support your comfort and overall image. Our extensive expertise means we’ll take care of all the details which allows you to focus on celebrating your achievement. To find out more about ordering your call to the bar apparel, call us at (416) 977-4408.