Are Convocation Robes Still A Trend?

As time passes, it’s natural for things to change. In fact, since people first started wearing robes for convocation, there are very few things that haven’t changed! Convocation robes can be traced back to the 12th century, and while the reasoning for instituting robes may have altered since then, rest assured that wearing your cap and gown is still very much a trend when it comes to convocation.

Convocation Robes

Wanting your convocation attire to show your individual style is understandable, but there are plenty of other ways to showcase your personality while still ensuring your convocation robe stays true to tradition. From the shoes you wear with your outfit to adding special jewellery, you can accessorize your look to help mark this special occasion.

Why Robes Are An Important Tradition

Putting on a black robe may not seem like something to be excited about, but Toronto graduates should know that convocation dress really is an important rite of passage. Before you express disappointment at having to cover your chosen outfit, stop and think about why robes at convocation are a trend that should stay:

  • Distinguishes graduates from other people attending the ceremony.
  • Supports the centuries old tradition of graduates wearing the well-known cap and gown.
  • Robes add pomp and circumstance to the ceremony and support the celebration of the momentous achievements of new graduates.
  • Creates unity among all graduates so that everyone looks uniform as they celebrate the same achievement.

It’s safe to say that the trend of wearing robes for convocation is here to stay. In some cases, you may see traditional black robes being swapped out for dark blue, perhaps a variance in robe length or the use of colours to denote academic discipline, but for the most part, the age old tradition continues to remain intact. Truthfully, most people look forward to wearing their convocation dress and enjoy the chance to snap a few photos looking the part of a distinguished graduate.

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