How COVID-19 Has Made an Impact on Religious Congregations

There is no question that the COVID-19 global pandemic has changed life as we know it. The same is true for places of worship. Clergy shirts and other clerical attire have been hung up and put aside, waiting for a time when it’s safe for people to once again come together to express their faith.

Religious congregations are rooted in community and in people coming together. Heading to church each week and taking in sermons and singing hymns with those decked out in choir gowns may not be something we can expect to happen for quite a while still.

H2: How Religious Groups Are Adapting To COVID-19

Like many things, religious congregations in Toronto and around the world have been moving to the digital world. While it’s not the same as in person services, priests everywhere are donning their vestments in order to deliver their messages and provide support through online platforms.

Some of the ways that religious groups have modified their services to support social distancing and staying home include:

  • Providing audio podcasts for members of the congregation to listen to.
  • Live streaming services via video.
  • Offering one on one council through online video calls.

While the means to complete their religious work has changed, priests in Toronto still need to dress appropriately when completing their work through online resources. Seeing religious leaders still dressed in clergy shirts on screen provides a sense of comfort and familiarity for those missing in person religious services. In addition, choirs have also been known to still wear their choir gowns and sing together during an online streaming service, a component that brings great joy to those tuning in.

One of the biggest reported benefits of turning to online tools for religious ceremonies and services has been an increase in attendance. In some cases, churches have reported an increase of more than 50% when it comes to who is logging on to view their live streams. Religious leaders are drawing on stories about finding strength in times of fear to help community members cope with the current situation and it’s comforting to know that more people are finding their efforts beneficial.

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