With Courts Opening Up Again, Are You Prepared?

While the world is not back to the normal we once knew, the province of Ontario has now entered Stage 3 and many things are opening again. Different services and industries are opening at different rates, but the Ontario Court of Justice has announced that several more courts will open again in the month of August to complement the few that opened in July. Is your legal attire ready for you to resume your court appearances?

Legal robes and proper court attire will still be required as Ontario courts begin to operate again. It’s important to be prepared as returning to court will take some adjustments. Specifically, don’t leave things to the last minute so that you’ll experience a smooth return to legal proceedings.

H2: Be Sure Your Legal Attire Is Ready

If your legal robes have been sitting in your closet for the last few months, it’s time to take them out and ensure they’re ready for your first court appearance. If you’ve properly cared for your items, hopefully the transition back to court will be an easy one.

For those that need to spend some time getting their attire ready, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • If your barrister robes have been sitting in your closet and need to be dry cleaned, don’t wait any longer. As more and more businesses and industries get underway, you don’t want to be faced with delays that could leave you in a bind.
  • For those that were thinking about getting new or upgraded legal attire before the COVID-19 shut down, you’ll be happy to know that Harcourts is open and ready to help you order what you need.
  • If you’ve just been called to the bar and the return to court will mark your first appearance, you’ll need to order the essentials right away. Harcourts has many safety precautions in place and we’re still able to take measurements and orders for custom barrister robes and accessories. However, as there is a certain time frame needed to cut and tailor custom orders, be sure to start this process right away.

H3: Let Harcourts Help You Get the Legal Attire You Need

After many months of being away, it may take some time to feel confident again in the courtroom. Harcourts can help. We’d be happy to book an appointment and work with you to ensure you have all the attire you need. Whether you’re a new lawyer or you need to replace some worn items, our high-quality tailored robes can support a positive transition back to court. Contact us to book an appointment to visit our showroom or to request a quote.