What You Should Know About Clergy Shirts


Depending on how familiar you are with clerical attire, you may or may not be well versed in why clergy shirts are worn. As with many professions, the clothing you wear can convey a message. In the case of religious officials, clerical clothing sends a clear message that someone who is wearing those items is a representative of the church.

In Toronto, Catholic clergy shirts and clerical shirts worn by other religious groups typically consist of a white collar on a black shirt, combined with vestments or other clothing. Members of a church’s congregation see these shirts as a badge of service, and they help make a priest’s function more obvious to strangers.

4 Interesting Facts About Clergy Shirts

Religious roots go back hundreds of years, so it’s probably no surprise that Catholic clergy shirts can be seen in images dated a century ago. However, in addition to historical significance, there are additional facts around this type of clergy attire that are worth learning about.

  1. In the Catholic Church, clergy shirts are worn by all ranks of the clergy. This type of dress is also worn by clergy of other groups such as Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Lutheran.
  2. While clerical attire does have its roots in tradition, there is some room for deviation. Short-sleeved cool clergy shirts are popular in the hot summer months and you will notice some style differences based on personal preference.
  3. Offered in a variety of colours, clerical shirts can represent different occasions or denominations. The most common option seen in Toronto is a black shirt with a white priest collar.
  4. There are two types of shirts for clergy to wear. A tab-collar shirt and a neckband shirt. The tab-collar shirt has a fold-down collar with an opening at the throat where a neckpiece can be placed. A neckband shirt has no collar and uses a thin band of white cloth around the neck similar to a mock turtleneck.

Clerical Attire to Suit Your Needs

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