Are You Graduating Soon? Here’s What You Should Know About Graduation Robes

You’ve probably spent some time thinking about what to do about graduation robes now that many ceremonies will not be “in person,” in the interest of keeping and families and students safe. We don’t want you to miss out on the experience, so we are offering a way for you to buy a robe so you can still wear your graduation attire when you’re celebrating your accomplishment. There a few things that all Toronto graduates should know when buying.

graduation robes rental

While it’s been a long standing tradition for graduates to wear a hood and gown for graduation, there will always be some preparation and thought required to make sure you have all the pieces and accessories you need. Graduation robes rental may have been what you were considering, however, we currently recommend purchasing your robe and hood, to avoid any chance of spreading the novel coronavirus that could be present with a rental garment. We clean all of our rental gowns and hoods meticulously, but we don’t want there to be any chance of putting you or your loved ones at risk. With a little planning, you can be sure you’ll have what you need so that your graduation is as close to what you hoped it would be as possible.

Find Graduation Robes That Work for You

When it comes to graduation robes, the first thing soon-to-be-graduates need to know is that they’ll have some choices to make. In order to be sure you look and feel your best, keep these four things in mind:

1. We’re not currently recommending graduation robes rental due to precautions regarding coronavirus. But we can offer ways to buy your robes so you can still look the part and celebrate your graduation day, whether virtually with your classmates, or simply in photos.

Not sure where to get the graduation robes you need? Contact Harcourts. Located in Toronto, we’ve been a part of graduation ceremonies across Canada for decades and offer the highest quality robes and accessories to suit your needs. We just need to know your height, weight, degree received, and institution, and we can give you a quote on your robe and other regalia.

2. In general, graduation robes should fall below your knees and well above your ankles, which is typically about 12” from the floor. Your shoe heel height will not affect gown length. In addition to the robe length, also pay attention to the sleeves. Robe sleeves should measure below your elbow, but above your wrist. Keep this in mind when you receive your robe in the mail.

3. Because of the desired length of your robe, you will be able to see your shoes and part of your legs, which means that what you choose to wear underneath your robe and on your feet matters.

Here are some tips on what attire to wear underneath your cap and gown.

4. If you want to order custom graduation robes or other academic regalia, you’ll need to do so about month before you intend to wear it, or two months in the case of PhD regalia. Because we currently cannot do a fitting for you in person, it’s important we have time to make sure your robe is up to the standard we’ve set for our customers.

Look to Harcourts for Your Graduation Robes in Toronto

You want you to have a graduation experience that is positive and memorable, even if it isn’t in the format you though it would be. Let Harcourts help you make the day as authentic and memorable as possible.