What Do Vestments Look Like In Different Sects Of Christianity?

Vestments have a long history in Christianity and symbolize the important work done by priests in Toronto and all over the world. While there are many similarities in the garments worn by priests in different sects of Christianity, there are some differences too. You may also notice different colours of priest vestments worn throughout the year, and these distinctions are just another way for priests to communicate with their parish through their attire.

Clergy shirts and other priest attire can be worn during regular and special services, but in many cases are also worn in public as well. Wearing religious attire out in the community helps priests to be easily identified as a member of the clergy, letting the people know they can ask them for help and support.

H2: Priest Vestments Across Different Forms of Christianity

In comparison, the Western Church has more vestments pieces than the Eastern Church, and they tend to vary more when it comes to which pieces are worn for different occasions. The greater variety in Western churches supports the different events they celebrate during each season and the cycles in the calendar year.

In addition to clergy shirts, and item traditionally worn every day, other common garments worn by priests in all Christian sects include:

  • The Alb – a long white linen tunic which symbolizes the garment of the newly baptised.
  • The Stole – a long strip of cloth, worn around the neck and draped over the front, over the Alb.
  • The Cincture – a cord used as a belt to gather the Alb at the waist.

In Western Churches, you will likely also see the following:

  • Amice – worn under the Alb, it’s a rectangular cloth that is placed over the shoulders.
  • Chasuble – outermost liturgical vestment worn by clergy.
  • Maniple – an embroidered band of silk or similar fabric that is hung over the left arm.
  • Dalmatic – a long, wide-sleeved tunic.

In Eastern Churches, the different pieces you’ll see include:

  • Pallium – a narrow band of cloth that rests on the shoulders.
  • Humeral veil – a piece of cloth draped over the shoulders and down the front, made of silk or gold cloth.
  • Cowl – a long, hooded garment that usually has wider sleeves.

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