5 Tips To Turn Your Graduation Into A Celebration

You’ve booked your graduation gown rental in Toronto, turned in your last assignment, and invited your family to your graduation ceremony. With all the practical things taken care of, what else can you do to really make this milestone occasion feel like a true celebration?

There will certainly be a lot happening on the day you graduate, but you don’t want to feel stressed. You want to enjoy the day. Wearing that graduation gown is something to be proud of, and with a little preparation and the right attitude, you can ensure that you properly celebrate your accomplishment. Organizing your graduation gown rental in Toronto is a great starting point, but don’t forget to add some fun and excitement!

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How To Properly Celebrate On Your Graduation Day

You don’t just want to survive your graduation day, you want it to be a positive day worth remembering. At Harcourts, we know that the right convocation gown rental can help the day go smoothly, but we’re also offering additional tips to help you celebrate your graduation. Keep reading for five great suggestions!

01. Dress up.

Yes, you will be wearing your graduation gown most of the day, but choose something special for underneath. You want an outfit that is comfortable, but also something that makes you feel confident, polished and accomplished.

02. Plan for lots of pictures.

Forget being camera shy! Make a plan to take as many pictures as you can with the people who are important to you. From family members, to classmates and friends, and even your favourite professors, you are going to want to remember the moments on this special day. Make sure your phone is charged and that you’ve got enough storage space for the massive amount of photos you’ll take. Be sure to also designate someone to get a great photo of you walking across the stage and picking up your diploma or degree.

03. Share your accomplishment.

A picture of you in your graduation gown is a great photo to share on social media. Posting your graduation day on social media expands your celebration by letting others in, especially friends or family that couldn’t be there in person. You can also follow your school’s social media accounts and the designated graduation hashtag to find photos of your classmates and fellow alumni.

04. Pay attention to the commencement speaker and valedictorian.

You’re sitting in a large room full of graduates and maybe aren’t looking forward to listening to everyone’s name being read out. But before that part of the ceremony, there will be a commencement speaker and valedictorian speech. Remember that a lot of thought went into those speeches and chances are, if you really listen, you’ll find some relevant and encouraging words to take away with you. Quiet your mind and do your best to pay attention to the speaker’s words. Let the vibe of the day really sink in.

05. Actually celebrate!

The day of commencement may come with some stress and a whirlwind of emotions. Yet first and foremost, it’s a day of celebration. In order to really have a chance to celebrate, plan ahead for how you’ll mark the occasion after the official ceremony. Do your parents want to throw you a party? Will your family go out to dinner? Let others make a plan to celebrate you and then actually enjoy it.

Find Convocation Gown Rental For Your Big Day

The excitement surrounding graduation is real and it’s important to celebrate and savor every moment. One of the best ways to ensure that you can have a positive experience on graduation day is to be well prepared. If you need a graduation gown rental in Toronto, Harcourts can help. Our high quality rental robes will ensure you feel your best as you walk across the stage and celebrate your accomplishment. Let us do the work for you and get your gown and accessories ready for your special day. Contact us to learn more.