Should You Rent Or Buy Academic Regalia In Canada?

Convocation ceremonies are an important rite of passage for new grads to celebrate their academic achievements and mark their entrance into the professional world. While long, black robes are most popular, there are many different styles and colours of robes available, depending on the type of degree and the academic institution. Academics have been wearing long robes for centuries to symbolize their scholarly commitment, and it still a popular tradition for grads to wear long robes while accepting their diplomas.

As graduation day approaches, grads will be given the option of renting or purchasing their convocation robe. Which option is best for you depends on your needs and your budget.

When You Should Buy Academic Robes

 1. You work at a university or other academic institution and are required to wear a robe to all convocation ceremonies you attend.

 2. You want to keep your robe as a token of your graduation day to symbolize your hard work.

 3. You want a high-quality robe to wear during convocation.

When You Should Rent Academic Robes:

 1. You don’t plan on wearing the robe again and aren’t interested in buying it as a keepsake.

 2. You need to stay within a budget and want the most cost-effective option.

 3. You don’t want to worry about maintaining and storing your robe after your convocation.

 4. You want a beautiful, quality robe on your graduation day.


While renting your graduation robe will always be the most cost-effective option, some grads appreciate the sentimental value of their robe and want to keep it as a token of their graduation day. For other grads, simply having their diploma is enough and they don’t need another memento from their convocation. What’s more, if you work at a university and are required to attend multiple convocation ceremonies each year while wearing your institution’s signature robes, it’s worthwhile to purchase the robe. But whether you choose convocation gown rental or to purchase your gown, you’re guaranteed to receive a gown made with Harcourt’s signature attention to detail.

Harcourts: The Finest Academic Regalia in Canada

Founded in 1842, Harcourts remains North America’s oldest robemaker and is a primary supplier of academic, legal, and clerical robes and attire. You can find Harcourts academic robes worn by graduates across Canada, and we offer convocation gown rental services to all academic institutions. All of Harcourts’ robes are hand-sewn and tailored at our Toronto headquarters. Our robemakers use high-quality materials and combine the best of traditional and modern technology to ensure strong stitching and a custom fit. Our gowns are also hand-shirred to produce the traditional fullness and elegance of traditional robes. Call us at 416-977-4408 to learn more about our academic regalia in Canada and convocation gown rental services.