Renting A Graduation Cap And Gown

Having the right graduation cap and gown as you walk across the stage is an important part of convocation tradition. While some graduates may choose to order a custom robe, others will look at convocation gown rental options to help them achieve the look they want as they cross the stage during the convocation ceremony.

Convocation gown rental can be used for kindergarten graduation, high school graduation, as well as all levels of post-secondary graduation. Regardless of the event, Harcourts knows that the following advice will help you better understand graduation gown rental in Toronto.

Graduation Gown Rental Options

There is a lot of history behind convocation regalia and many of the traditions still dictate what each graduate needs to wear to be a part of the convocation ceremony.  When it comes to convocation gown rental, there are several options available.

1. Some academic institutions may distribute academic regalia at convocation or have them on site to rent. While these options do make it easier for graduates to acquire the right convocation regalia, graduates need to be prepared to also make their own gown arrangements.

2. Renting an academic robe in Toronto from a local or online store is a good alternative to using the options provided by your academic institution. This is can be the best option if you are short on time. Renting from a local business can also be a better option financially, as most will offer a sale during typical graduation timeframes such as April and October.

3. If you know or can find a senior student who graduated ahead of you, they may have the opportunity to rent or borrow their convocation regalia. In most cases, past students are interested in renting out their caps and gowns to recoup some of the costs incurred from purchasing a custom graduation gown.

Find The Right Academic Regalia

And if you know that you will need your academic regalia more than once or feel that purchasing a custom gown is something you’d like to do, Harcourts can also provide you with a high-quality custom product. Harcourts is the oldest robemaker in North America and maintains high-quality workmanship, which means that each and every custom robe we produce is handcrafted using top materials and expert tailoring.

To find out more about renting or purchasing convocation regalia through Harcourts, please contact us.