How To Select The Perfect Choir Robe

If you’ve begun searching for choir robes to outfit your choir members, you might be overwhelmed by the number of choices available! How do you know what robes are best for your choir’s needs, style, and colour preferences, and which professional robemaker to choose? There are several factors to take into consideration when selecting the perfect robes for your choir:

Quality: You’ve taken a lot of time and effort to organise your choir, and your choir has worked hard to ensure their harmonies are perfectly in-tune. A quality performance deserves high-quality, tailored robes so your choir members look and feel good. Quality robes are also a better investment, as their durable stitching and materials will ensure they last a long time.

Fabric: A good robemaker will offer a variety of fabrics and colours, so you can choose the colour and material that best suits the aesthetic of your choir and the season. For instance, you may want to choose a heavier, darker fabric for your choir robes in the winter, and a vibrant, lighter fabric in the spring and summer.

Style: There are a number of styles to choose from when designing choice robes. You may prefer a more traditional look with a full gown, or a simpler, more modern look. The style you choose will depend on the type of music your choir sings and the ambience of your church or institution. A robemaker can custom create your robes to suit any style preferences.

Customization: If you have a particular design in mind, a high-quality, expert robemaker can create customised robes that match your needs and preferences. Simply contact your chosen robemaker with your design details and colour preferences to start the process! Your robemaker can even tailor your robes to ensure your choir members receive a perfectly-fitting gown. 


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