Renting A Graduation Gown? Keep These Things In Mind

Are you graduating soon? Did you know that you can rent a graduation gown that’s been designed for convocation and then return it following the ceremony? After you’re done, all convocation gown rentals are returned to the manufacturer so that they can be cleaned and ready for the next graduating class. For soon to be graduates, gown rental in Toronto allows you to get the right convocation attire without needing to make a significant investment. A custom graduation gown may be the right option for some, but convocation gown rental is a more typical choice.

Graduation Gown

When the time comes to book your convocation regalia, it’s a good idea to look into gown providers to make sure you’re getting a product that will look both professional and well made. Harcourts gown rentals in Toronto provide the highest quality rental robes, making them perfect for your graduation ceremony. In addition, our excellent customer service and detailed attentiveness, makes it easy for you to be ready for your special day.

Tips For Getting The Best Gown Rental In Toronto

We know that new graduates want to look their best as they cross the stage on graduation day. While lots of thought typically goes into what to wear under your graduation robe, be sure to also give thought to your graduation gown and accessories.

When it comes to convocation gown rental, keep these tips in mind to ensure you get exactly what you need and have a positive rental experience.

  • Make your arrangements early. Since academic gowns are sized by height, if you leave it too long you may not get the best fit. You’ll enjoy your graduation day a lot more if you take the time to get everything organized ahead of time.
  • Review your options. Although your academic institution will likely offer convocation gown rentals, renting a graduation gown from a local or online store is a good alternative. This can be a better solution if you’re short on time, and may also be a better option financially.
  • Be clear on when you need to return the rental gown. As mentioned above, it will be assumed that you return your graduation gown immediately after the ceremony. Failure to do so may result in extra charges. Include time in your graduation day plan or days following (depending on the rental agreement) to ensure you can return convocation items, as required.
  • Understand the tradition of academic regalia. It may seem like your convocation gown rental doesn’t allow you to express your personality, but there’s a lot of history and tradition when it comes to what you wear when crossing that graduation stage. Embrace the significance of it all, and just enjoy this special time!

Graduation Gown Rentals From Harcourts

Harcourts can provide you with high quality gown rentals in Toronto that are perfect for your convocation ceremony. Each and every robe we rent is created using top materials, helping you look your best as you celebrate your academic achievements. Should you be interested in purchasing your graduation gown, the skilled craftspeople at Harcourts can customize your robe to match your academic institution and degree, and provide tailoring for a perfect fit. To find out more about renting or purchasing convocation regalia from Harcourts, please contact us for more information or simply request a quote.