Movies That Motivate You To Become A Lawyer

Did you always imagine yourself wearing legal attire one day? For some, knowing that they wanted to become a lawyer started at a very young age. For others, it sometimes takes a life event or an experience to help direct them down the path towards becoming a lawyer. Wearing court attire can certainly feel professional and exciting but wanting to make a difference and an interest in social justice are often the biggest catalyst in deciding to pursue a legal career.

As such, due to their dramatic nature, it’s no surprise that movies that include stories of triumphant legal battles or emblazoned court room speeches can motivate some people to consider a career in law. Popular actors dressed up in legal attire and fighting for their clients certainly makes for a great movie!

8 Movies Everyone Considering A Career In Law Needs To Watch

There are plenty of lists out there related to excellent movies involving charismatic lawyers or epic legal battles. While everyone is entitled to their favourite feature film that includes court attire, this list includes movies that continually stand the test of time. Did one of these films encourage you to explore becoming a lawyer?

  1. To Kill A Mockingbird. For more than 40 decades, this movie has been credited with leading many people into law thanks to the very moving story about discrimination and injustice.
  2. A Few Good Men. Not only does this movie tell a great story, but there are classic lines that just about everyone will forever be quoting making it a pop culture staple.
  3. Tackling wrongful dismissal and the power of the connection between lawyers and clients.
  4. Erin Brockovich. For those not interested in working for big legal firms, this movie will open their eyes to what determined lawyers can do to help those forgotten.
  5. The Lincoln Lawyer. Exploring power and money and how it influences the law.
  6. I Am Sam. Delving into family law and family love.
  7. Runaway Jury. A great movie exploring the impact that juries have as part of the legal process.

Motivate You To Become A Lawyer

Kramer vs. Kramer. Described as the definitive movie about family law, this movie gives great insight into legal career options that aren’t necessary part of the glamorous corporate world.

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