Save Money on Your Graduation Expenses

Life as a student can be expensive as you pay tuition and purchase textbooks. However, you probably learned many useful tips and tricks to save money as a student. Your graduation day won’t be nearly as expensive as your tuition, but graduation expenses can still add up quickly! Thankfully, there are some easy ways to save on your graduation day.

Get Your Cap & Robe Early

Reserve or purchase your graduation gown and cap early to beat the rush and ensure you have access to the best selection. If you’re looking for gown rentals in Toronto, Harcourts has been a leadingStudent's throwing their hats in the air. supplier of graduation gowns for nearly two centuries. All of Harcourts’ gowns are individually cut, sewn, and tailored in our downtown Toronto workshop, and graduates across Canada wear our robes as they accept their diplomas. A beautiful and custom-tailored graduation robe in your school’s colours will make sure your graduation photos are frame-worthy.

Be Your Own Photographer

Nowadays, everyone has a high quality camera that makes it easy to take capture your favourite memories. Your family and friends will have fun acting as photographers on your graduation day. And with all the photo apps available, editing and sharing your photos is easier than ever. If you want printed versions of your photos, there are several websites that allow you to easily and inexpensively print your digital photos in whatever size you need, and they’ll even ship them do your home. If you have a quality printer, can also purchase special photo paper and print your favourite photos at home.

Look for Discount Invitations and Thank You Cards

It can be tempting to purchase those elaborate (and pricey!) cards you find in speciality card and stationary stores, but they’re often an unnecessary cost. Many websites allow you to affordably create and order custom invitations and cards online and have them shipped to your home. Some websites will also allow you to digitally create cards for free and print them out at home! And if you’re not hung up on real invitations, you can create an attractive e-invitation to email to your family and friends.

Skip the ‘Official’ Diploma Frame

Your university will give you the opportunity to purchase an official diploma frame. However, these frames are usually a bit more expensive than similar frames you can find online and at discount stores. Browse websites like Amazon for affordable frames that will fit your diploma, look beautiful on your wall, and save you money.

Book Flights and Hotels Early

Make travel plans early by booking flights and accommodations in advance to keep costs down. Booking early will make sure you can reserve seats on the cheapest flights before they sell out. Many hotels raise their prices as demand increases, but will offer discounts for ‘early bird’ bookings.

Have a Dinner Party at Home

A celebratory dinner at a fancy restaurant is a nice luxury, but it’s certainly not a necessity. After all, what matters most is spending time with your loved ones as you celebrate your academic achievements. Skip the expensive dinner make a delicious meal at home with all your favourite foods.

Your graduation day is an important milestone, which is why it’s important to have a beautiful graduation robe for your convocation ceremony. Harcourts was founded in 1842 in Toronto and is North America’s oldest manufacturer of graduation gowns. Today, we offer graduates the highest quality convocation gown rentals in Toronto. Our graduation gowns are hand-sewn and tailored in Toronto, and we use time-tested materials and techniques to ensure strong stitching, beautiful detailing, and a custom fit. Contact us at 416-977-4408 or visit our website learn more about our graduation robes and gown rentals in Toronto.