How To Care For Graduation Caps And Gowns

Your customized Call to the Bar or graduation ceremonial dress marks a rite of passage that is one of the most meaningful and memorable events of your life. A Harcourts graduation gown, graduation hat, or hood should be handled and preserved with as much pride as you received your degree.

Dressing The Part: Your Graduation Day

Your tailored Harcourts graduation gown will be ready to wear when you receive it. The mortarboard should be worn flat atop your head. The point should be in the front, about 25mm from your eyebrows, with the tassel hanging on the right side of your cap.

Your academic hood should be draped around your neck and hanging down your back; the colour of the border indicates your field of study. It should fold under on your lower back to allow your university’s colours to show. If your hood is to be put in place as part of the ceremony, carry it to the stage draped over one arm. All loops (cords, fasteners) should be disconnected. During the ceremony, before the placement, remove your cap.

Remember to avoid potential disasters before your ceremony that could cause your gown to get dirty! For instance, make sure your baby sibling’s hands are clean before giving them a hug, and lift the hem of your gown when walking to prevent stains.

Preserving Your Memories

Purchasing your graduation gown is option if you want to keep a token of your special day! Graduation gowns can be wonderful keepsakes to pass on as family heirlooms, especially if you are the first person in your family to earn a degree. To store your graduation gown, graduation hat, and tassel, the best choice is a plastic bin with a tight lid. You can also place deodorants inside the case to prevent any musty smells. You may also consider storing it in a:

 1. Vacuum bag

 2. Plastic garment bag or large storage bag

 3. Shadow box to display your graduation regalia

A Tradition of Excellence

Harcourts is the finest robemaker in North America. Since 1842, we have been a flagship clothier, maintaining a tradition of professionalism and quality craftsmanship favoured by an a large array of clients. Whether you need a graduation gown, graduation hat, or Call to the Bar robe, you can find the garments you need at Harcourts. Your professional career should begin with no less than the finest ceremonial dress. Call 416.977.4408 or contact us for more information.