How Harcourts Creates Custom Barrister Robes

Barristers fitted in long, black robes are one of the most distinguishing features of the legal profession. Barrister robes are the uniform of the legal profession, but there is certainly an air of prestige that comes with it. As such, it’s important for barristers to be outfitted in well made, custom robes of high quality to maintain a professional appearance in court. While the design and styling of barrister robes and accompanying legal attire has evolved over time, the current styling still dates from the 17th century and remains comprised of a waistcoat, robe, wing collar shirt, and tabs.

Harcourts understands how important it is to have custom barrister robes that reflect the importance and tradition of the legal profession. As such, we work very hard to maintain our global reputation for superior craftsmanship and custom tailoring.

What To Expect When Creating Custom Robes With Harcourts

Did you know that Harcourts is the oldest and largest manufacturer of barrister robes in North America? In addition to providing professional, high quality custom robes to our North American clients, we also have a number of international clients.

When you choose to create custom barrister robes with Harcourts, you should know that your order will receive the same time tested process that we’ve used for more than 150 years. Since 1842, our custom judicial and barrister robes have been individually cut, sewn, and tailored in our downtown Toronto workshop.

Some other facts to know about Harcourts custom robes include:

  • Our garments are made from individually cut pieces for a handcrafted quality and custom fit.
  • Harcourts only uses time-tested and superior quality materials.
  • Our custom robes are hand shirred to create traditional fullness and elegance.
  • We manufacture robes in either 100% tropical wool or a polyester/wool blend. You can see fabric options when you come in to be measured.
  • Our techniques blend the best modern and traditional workmanship processes, which result in long-lasting, beautiful garments.

Since Harcourts has been the primary supplier of barrister robes for the legal profession for over a century, you can feel confident knowing that we’ll be able to custom tailor your robes to ensure you receive a perfect fit.

How To Order High Quality Custom Barrister Robes

At Harcourts, we will continue to supply judicial and barrister robes to the Canadian federal government, provinces and territories, as well as international courts such as those in the Caribbean and British Commonwealth. When you order your custom robes from Harcourts, know that we will offer you, our valued clientele, only the highest quality robes available.

In order to get started and begin the process of receiving your custom barrister robes, you can request a quote using our online form or call us at 416.977.4408. Since all of our custom robes are made to measure, please note that our general delivery time is four to five weeks from when your order in placed.