University of Northern British Columbia May Convocation 2024

May Convocation UNBC Graduating Students
Welcome to the ordering site for your regalia.

By entering your Student ID on the following page the appropriate regalia and ceremony details for your program will be automatically populated. This regalia includes the rental of a gown and hood (based on your degree).

May 31st Convocation attendees only

Pick-up Time and Location
For graduates in Ceremony 1 and Ceremony 2, pick-up highly recommended on Thursday, May 30th from 9am – 7pm at the Canfor Wintergarden.

For those that can't pick up day prior, regalia will be available for pick-up on Friday, May 31st from 7:30am – 8:30am for Ceremony 1, and 10am - 1pm for Ceremony 2 at the Canfor Wintergarden.

May 31st Convocation Drop-off Time and Location
Regalia must be dropped off between 11:30 am – 6 pm on Friday, May 31st at the same location (signs will be posted if location changes).

NOTE: If returned after the above, a Late Fee of $150, plus shipping charges, will be applied – late returns to UNBC Bookstore

Rental Cost
BA/MA/PhD gown/hood $30 plus tax
Certificate/Diploma $20 plus tax

Thank you for choosing Harcourts!

You have missed the deadline for online regalia reservation, but don’t worry!
You will be able to rent your regalia at the Prince George campus starting on May 31.
There will be an additional $3 service charge applied to your rental.