Call to the Bar

To be Called to the Bar, candidates must complete and meet all the licensing and character requirements established by the Law Society in their area as necessary to becoming a lawyer.

Generally, a Call to the Bar follows the successful completion of the Licensing Process. For some candidates, however, including lawyers transferring from within Canada, and law deans and professors, completion of the Licensing Process may not be required. These candidates should contact the Law Society in their Province or Territory for more information.

For the Call to the Bar ceremony, candidates are required to be dressed in proper court attire.  The styling for Barrister attire originated in England in the late 17th century, and is similar across the British Commonwealth.  Though no longer required for court in Canada, the Barrister wig is still a requirement for court in the United Kingdom, Austrailia as well as some parts of the Caribbean and Africa.

For your Call to the Bar ceremony in Canada you are required to be attired in the following items:

  • Black Barrister Gown
  • Black Barrister Waistcoat or Vest
  • White Wing Collar shirt
  • Barrister Tabs
  • Black, Charcoal Grey, or Court Stripe Trousers or Skirt
  • Black, Dark Grey Socks or Black, Dark Grey or Natural Hose
  • Black Shoes

If you are looking to purchase your Call to the Bar attire, our legal garments are custom made and made to measure.  We have a variety of fabric types available.  Please be sure to have your measurements taken about 4-6 weeks before your Call ceremony.  Our tailors are available to take your measurements at our location Monday through Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm.  For your convenience, we also have a network of Dealers across the country that can take your measurements.  Contact us for more information.

Harcourts Call to the Bar attire is also available for rent.  Sizing is based on availability.